The second annual ExpandFibre Ecosystem survey collected even more in-depth insight on the Ecosystem partners’ experiences of the Ecosystem

The second annual ExpandFibre Ecosystem survey collected even more in-depth insight on the Ecosystem partners’ experiences of the Ecosystem

News 11.10.2022

To receive more detailed insight and feedback from the growing ExpandFibre Ecosystem, the second edition of the annual Ecosystem survey was conducted in Aug/Sep 2022. The Ecosystem member organizations received a survey organized by Funnel, a Finnish research and consulting company specialising in customer insight. The ExpandFibre programme managers are highly appreciative for the collected feedback from the latest edition of the annual survey – in total 23 participants answered the survey from 20 different ExpandFibre ecosystem member organizations. Perhaps most importantly, 96 % of the survey participants agree – fully or somewhat – that the success of ExpandFibre is important for them.

The survey consisted of multiple-choice questions with different scales and open questions. In general, the five most important survey statements for the Ecosystem members who took part in the survey were identified as the following:

  • In ExpandFibre everyone is an expert in their own field
  • In ExpandFibre the operating and the goals are well in line with our services/products
  • Working in ExpandFibre expands our networks
  • Working in ExpandFibre helps us implement our strategy and vision
  • Working in ExpandFibre increases our positive brand image.

The overall state of the ExpandFibre Ecosystem cooperation was measured with NPS (Net Promoter Score) and ECX (Ecosystem Experience) indexes. For the NPS value the surveyed were asked “how likely are you to recommend ExpandFibre to other potential members of ExpandFibre” on a scale of 0 to 10. It is very positive that 70% of all replies were counted as promoters (score 9 to 10) with no replies counted as detractors (score from 0 to 6).

The ECX index illustrates the overall numerical score (0 to 10) of nine statements that the surveyed were given to evaluate from “fully agree” to “fully disagree”. The overall ECX index for the 23 received replies was 7.5, which can be considered highly satisfactory. University members gave ExpandFibre the highest ECX index score of 8.4 and the lowest score of 5.8 originated from the Service/tech provider segment of members. The highest ECX index scores the surveyed gave the statements referring to the usefulness of the collaboration (9.13), professionalism & knowhow within the Ecosystem (8.15) and goals of the Ecosystem (7.93).

In general, the active communication and thematic events of ExpandFibre were positively highlighted in the survey by multiple Ecosystem members. After the long remote and virtual interaction period brought on by the COVID pandemic, a closer in-person cooperation would bring clarity to everyone’s roles when the ExpandFibre ecosystem members can meet more often and establish their place in the Ecosystem even better.

The programme managers want to thank all the Ecosystem members for their activity within the second annual Ecosystem survey and sincerely hope to offer even more in-person networking and collaboration possibilities in the future. The next great networking opportunity in the ExpandFibre calendar is the annual ExpandFibre seminar on November 18th, 2022 organized as a hybrid meeting in Keilasatama 5, Espoo. We hope to see many of you there in person or participating online.

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