New ExpandFibre Ecosystem member Elomatic helps sustainable industries scale up their operations

New ExpandFibre Ecosystem member Elomatic helps sustainable industries scale up their operations

Members 30.08.2022

We recently talked with Markus Sukkinen from Elomatic, an engineering and consulting company and a global design software provider. Elomatic is specialised in designing industrial solutions that increase the wellbeing of people and the environment. Let’s find out how Elomatic’s expertise on industrial scale up and engineering could support the member companies of the ExpandFibre Ecosystem.

Markus Sukkinen is the Sales Manager in the Process & Industry business unit at Elomatic. Elomatic is a Finnish family-owned company with 1,100 employees and clients in over 80 countries around the world. With the majority of employees working in Finland, the company has its roots in marine design. However, over the years it has expanded to cover a wide range of segments to include technology solutions, machinery and equipment, process and energy, as well as chemicals, food and biomass.

Markus explains how one of the services of Elomatic is to help clients scale up their idea on a processing plant to turn lab trials into a pilot plant, demo plant and finally, into an actual commercial plant. Elomatic has a proven track record of making this happen with their experience on various products and raw materials such as wood, straw, agricultural waste, and textile fibres — all relevant to the members of ExpandFibre. They have helped their clients design and implement applications and processes in forestry, pharmaceuticals, chemical, food and energy industry to mention a few examples.

With clients from corporations (Metsä and Fortum for instance) to start-ups (e.g. CH Bioforce and Infinited Fiber Company), Elomatic has gained extensive understanding on the challenges their clients can face. For smaller companies, the typical challenge may be that they do not have enough experience nor time to manage complex industrial investment projects. Elomatic can help manage such projects with their wide know-how and network of potential technology providers, with all the needed experts found under the same roof. If needed, Elomatic can also provide help in convincing the investors and other stakeholders by helping in the creation of credible solutions, documentation, simulations and even product presentations for their clients.

Elomatic is looking forward to finding new projects and collaboration opportunities among the ExpandFibre ecosystem members. The company is excited to share their knowledge and know-how on how to successfully design, phase and execute industry scale-up to accelerate the shared sustainability goals of the ecosystem.

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