Introducing a new ExpandFibre member Tapio Measurement Technologies

Introducing a new ExpandFibre member Tapio Measurement Technologies

Members 26.04.2024

The ExpandFibre team had the pleasure to talk to CEO Tuomas Tiainen of Tapio Measurement Technologies. The company based in Espoo, Finland, is specialised in providing lab and online analysers and analysis services for the paper and board industries. As the company is looking to further expand their services also to other industries, such as non-wovens and films, they decided to join the ExpandFibre Ecosystem.

Tuomas Tiainen started as the CEO of Tapio Measurement Technologies in 2023 after having completed his doctoral degree and postdoctoral research at Aalto University in mechanical engineering and metrology. Tuomas explains that Tapio Measurement Technologies was already founded in the 80’s by Tapio Makkonen. The company is perhaps best known for its unique Tapio paper machine analyzers and cutting edge software which is able to connect observed variations to the individual machine elements causing those variations.

Today, Tapio Measurement Technologies provides a wide range of measurement and analysis services not only for paper and board mills but also for plastic, printing, and nonwovens industries to mention a few applications. In addition to the analyzers, the company provides handheld roll hardness profilers and print quality analytics software, enabling higher end product quality, reduced waste, and increased production efficiency.

Tuomas Tiainen believes that the ExpandFibre Ecosystem companies could greatly benefit from the analysis services provided by the Tapio Measurement Technologies as films and nonwovens are also suitable for measurements and analysis at the lab of the company. Widely speaking, any material that can be rolled and is less than a couple of millimetres thick can be analysed in the Tapio lab located in Espoo. A range of quality parametres, such as basis weight, thickness, moisture, transmission, permeability, gloss, ash content etc. can be measured in profiles with a sub-millimeter sampling interval. Tapio analysis can be done on any rolled product on a 3-inch standard core or a set of cross-direction strips, which can be provided for measurements hand-cut.

Tapio Measurement Technologies is looking forward to further expanding their analysis services to new kinds of bio-based nonwovens and films being developed within the ExpandFibre Ecosystem and collaborating with member companies. Tuomas Tiainen sums up: “A thorough analysis of any rolled materials, especially when using rather costly raw materials, can bring remarkable savings in the next phases of the development or manufacturing process. The analysis services we provide can help spot any quality deviations and their exact sources early on in the process.”

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